South Africa tourism

South Africa Tourism Business is booming

This summer is Africa’s most visited Africa for Chinese tourists. With a video of the African man the temperature in China was too high and he wanted to return to his hometown “Bush” (meaning heat escapes), “Smoke in Africa”. Some Chinese said they are considering fleeing Africa’s turbulent sunrise. During the summer holidays this year, according to levemama from the online travel agency, the number of people traveling in Africa doubled double from a year ago. Between 25 and 40 between China and tourists, good incomes are the main visitors of the continent. Mauritius, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia are among the highest African countries among Chinese tourists.

This summer, many Chinese cities have more than 35 degrees Celsius. However, because some African countries are in the south of deep golf, and the countries of East and South Africa are more than 1,000 meters, temperatures in China are low in the summer. Thanks to the Association of Belts and Roads, wind exchanges between China and African countries are increasing, and some African countries have reduced visa policy to attract more Chinese tourists. In 2008, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Africa was only 3 per cent in the number of tourists, but last year the figure increased by 10 per cent in which 11.3 million Africans had arrived in Africa, the news website cancellacia Oxisey said referring to figures from the World Tour Organization. Speaking to the African media, the website said travel costs in China are 40 percent higher than European visitors. More figure about Chinese tourists in South Africa.

Cape Town has expected a 13 percent jump in tourist destinations this year, which reached 1.77 million this year. Authorities have shown an unprecedented illustration in an economy Thursday, which is likely to suffer in March, Cape Town’s most popular places in the country, including Robin Island – the most unpredictable prisoner, where former President Nelson Mandela spent 18 years. The number of Western Cape Tourists, which was the country’s best paid bed nights for the first time in the country, increased from 1.32 million in 2015 when a work visa was applied. Since the rules have been raised after tourism maintenance and flights have also increased. The Treasury said in February that tourism contributed 3% to GDP in 2015 and employed 711,746 people or 4.5% of workers.

South Africa tourism

South Africa is one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in the world. Incredible foreign collections of scenes, people, history and culture offer travelers a wonderful, unique and exciting experience. South Africa is a beautiful blend of cultures, with the finest and least people in the world. The magnificent beaches of the country, such as the Krugier National Park, the eight world heritage sites, Cape Town, have a wonderful beachfront villa, a beautiful natural exposure, a great infrastructure and a stable post office environment. With over 93% of tourist arrivals in South Africa, the world’s income is more open, with increased incomes. They are looking for adventures and are more interested in Africa holidays. The number of visitors traveling to Africa in Africa was mainly due to visa restrictions and new direct flights between China and Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa. In South Africa alone, Chinese inflation was 93% in 2016.

Tourists in China are looking for new vacation spots outside Europe, which are looking for countries that are looking for foreign culture and services that offer continents. Last year, 121 million Chinese tourists traveled abroad. China is the first country with massive passengers worldwide, is expected to increase by 150 million in the coming years. The growth rate of 18-20% is 2010. Many Chinese companies working in South Africa are interested in the growing number of Chinese tourists who visit the country each year. China represents the largest number of international visitors in South Africa. According to statistics, according to South Africa, the number of Chinese tourists increased by 66.1 percent between August 2015 and August 2016.